About us

Comikart is a marketplace dedicated to comic characters. We wish to offer our audience an experience of nostalgia from our childhood when we spent most of our time reading comics from a wide range of fantasy, horror, mystery, fun and superheroes. We were so fascinated by the superheroes of our times that the memories continue to live today in our mind and heart.

The idea of Comikart was seeded while some childhood friends gathered a few months refreshing our childhood memories. During our conversation we went back to the era when we were kids and spent a lot of time reading comic books, either by purchasing, or, most of the time we rented out the comics in bulk. I still recall the summer vacation time when I visited my cousins who had a room filled with comics. We had this one thing in common that connected us and created lifetime memories. Even today when we speak we go back to old days.

We started developing the comikart.com site with the idea to offer physical comics and eventually move to digital products which is the demand of the modern generation.